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This collection showcases multiple visual design projects created for print. Each project has a different theme and reflects the vision for simple yet sophisticated design and ease of use.


This project aimed to create a poster for a fictional movieThe Girl with the Number Tattoo. A sci-fi movie, which takes place in a concentration camp setting. The plot examines the relationships between inmates and the political reality of society.

The Girl with the Number Tattoo

The goal of this project was to produce a fully designed and printed multi-page document that explores new avenues in architecture. The bold geometric style of the brochure corresponds to the architecture of the famous De Young Museum in San Francisco. The colors used are from the brand colors of the museum. All photography in the brochure is original and was shot in 2019.

De Young Architectural Brochure
De Young Architectural Brochure Inside
De Young Architectural Brochure Outside

A mix of traditional printing techniques and mixed media application were used to create this journal. It’s an exploration of personal views of different areas of design, such as philosophy, color, line and shape, typography, and texture. The journal uses ideas and quotes from Antoine Saint Exupery’s book Little Prince. All titles and quotes are presented in both English and Bulgarian.

Designer's Journal Cover
Designer's Journal Inspiration
Designer's Journal Philosophy
Designer's Journal Color
Designer's Journal Line and Shape
Designer's Journal Typography
Designer's Journal Texture
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