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User Experience and UI Design System
Monetryx UX/UI and Design Systems

Monetryx is a company that has developed a platform to connect investors and startups by facilitating business accelerator enrollment, management, and education.

The platform needed a redesign to address problematic interaction and painpoints. Complete evaluation and re-design of the platform user experience was the scope of my work. In addition, I created a set of UI components to determine the future design direction and establish a design system.


Monetryx aims to revolutionize investment experience and expand funding frontiers with comprehensive online tools and instruments. Startup incubators and accelerators, university entrepreneurship centers, and commercialization offices, angel investor clubs and VC funds manage core admin processes efficiently.


I conducted extensive research to determine the current platform's problems. The customers complained of the complexity and inability to navigate the process. One of the most significant pain points for customers was the onboarding process. The complexity of submitting numerous pieces of information, such as personal and company information with multiple certifications and licenses, was a major point of frustration. With that in mind, my goal was to provide an organized, easy flow to improve the customer experience.


Overly complicated onboarding process


I divided the complicated the onboarding process into five steps, and customers always can save their progress and return later to complete it. There is also a visual progress report indicating how the inputted information is validated. Based on divided steps, I created interfaces for the onboarding process.

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File storage and management was unintuitive
and hard to use.


I designed file storage to allow customers and admins to review process and attached files. Files are categorized into five parts: personal information, company information, owner information, licenses, and discarded files. Also, there's an indicator as to whether the file is approved or still in progress.

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Lack of design system to use as reference across the multiple platforms and teams.


Using design systems for faster builds, through reusable components and shared elements is key. It helps create and maintain better products, through more cohesive user experiences and a consistent design language. It also makes maintenance and scalability more efficient.

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